This workshop is ideal for several types of photographers. You may be a current wedding photographer that wonders how someone else shoots a wedding and runs their business. You may be a photographer that is brand new to the world of wedding photography. Or, you may be thinking about getting into wedding photography and want to know if it is truly for you or not. Whichever group you are in, this workshop is perfect for you.

In our REAL wedding workshop, you will attend and shoot along with me at a REAL wedding. It will be a 'totally unscripted', who knows what might happen' kind of REAL. I shoot both film and digital during the wedding day, so this is a great way for you to see how I incorporate both into my wedding workflow.  However, you DO NOT need to be a film shooter to attend.

The REAL workshop is a 2-day workshop. The wedding is on Day 1, and the teaching and day-after session with our couple is on day 2. The day-after session is set up just for you, since it might be too hectic on the wedding day for everyone to have one-on-one time with the couple. We start off the workshop with a welcome/getting-to-know-you breakfast before the wedding, because hey, I don't want to shoot a wedding with complete strangers. :)

We will cover all aspects of the wedding photography business during this workshop. I will share everything, and you will be able to capture some beautiful images to use in your portfolio. In addition to seeing how I run a wedding day, I will also cover branding, marketing, client relations, workflows and editing. 

The workshop will begin with the breakfast on the day of the wedding and will end after our day-after session on Day 2 (between 6-8pm).  All meals are provided during the workshop, and lodging will be discussed within the private group.  We usually rent a house together, if possible.

The cost is $1800. $600 is due at registration with the remaining balance due in 2 installments. 

After you register, you will be placed in a private group where you will receive all the information regarding the workshop, and meet the other attendees, which is great for arranging car rentals, hotel stays if needed.


There will only be 2 REAL workshops in 2016.

June 25-26: Kings Gap Mansion - Carlisle, PA - 1 SPOT LEFT
August 28-29: Cedarwood Weddings - Nashville, TN - (SOLD OUT)


The Fine Print:Requirements to attend: You must be an established photographer. You can be new to film and weddings, but this will not be a beginner's digital camera workshop. Your website will be reviewed upon signing up and I have the right to refund your money if it is determined that this will not be a good fit. You can also attend if you are a digital only shooter. Many of the same things apply that I will be teaching and you will still learn. I encourage you rent and try out a film camera, you might just be swayed. :)

NO REFUNDS will be given unless a replacement is found. If you cannot attend, YOU are responsible for selling your seat. I will open up your spot, but I recommend that you put forth the effort to fill that spot. You money will be refunded only when your spot is filled.