Posing Without Fear Roadtrip


Posing Without Fear Roadtrip


It’s been 6 years since I’ve taken a workshop on the road!  Well, guess what? That’s about to change. I’m ready to meet more of you in person!

I know it’s impossible for everyone to come to Nashville for a big 3 day workshop or attend my retreats in Europe.  I also know that the price is not affordable for those of you in the beginning years of your business. And I only let in 5 attendees which limited it even more.

But guess what?  I’m coming to a city near you, the price is so affordable and there is room for many people to attend!! So grab those girlfriends and let’s have a fun night out, pajama party style!

When polling our audience, the one thing that you struggle with the most is posing!  Well friend, I have that down. Posing has always come easy for me. I developed a posing system called “natural flow posing” and I want to show you how you can master poses that are quick, natural and organic.  You only have 10 minutes for bride and groom formals? No worries! I will show over 40 poses that you can get from 4 core poses and yes, I’ve done them all in 10 minutes! And this posing will be live, you will be able to see what I’m shooting and there will be a full hour of Q&A, ask me anything, I won’t hold back!

Are you ready for the deets? Here you go!

THE WHAT: PJ’s and Posing, Oh my!  Posing without Fear (new course coming 2020)  is going on a road trip!

I’m inviting you to a pajama party and yes, PJ’s are not required but HIGHLY recommended!  Just keep them G rated, ok? And if they have rainbows or unicorns on them you get extra points!

Pizza, cupcakes, sparkles and unicorns will be present. There might be a dance party. There will be a photobooth. Grab your friends and let’s have a fun night of learning, meeting new friends and hanging out with me!

THE WHERE:  Various states all over the country

THE WHEN:  Once a month, January - December, 4:30-8pm

THE COST:  $197

WHO’S IN?  I sure hope it’s YOU!!!

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